Out Of Control…

Hands down, best book I’ve read to date. It’s called “Out of Control: Why disciplining your child doesn’t work… and what will.” by Shefali Tsabary PhD. For 11 years, I’ve raised my son as my parents raised me. If I did something wrong, there was a punishment. The bottom line was, the only lessons ever learned were fearing my parents, not the action itself. For example, when I was a child, my brother and I were goofing around, and he pushed me into the tv. It fell against the wall and the antenna snapped off. Because it was MY body that broke the tv, I was the one punished (sent to my room with no tv for a few days). I wasn’t given the opportunity to learn anything! I resented both my parents and my brother. She does a great job by putting it into an adults perspective. Let’s say I swear I’m going on a diet. I slip and go to Dunkin Donuts, and my boyfriend catches me. He then takes away my car keys, preventing me from going anywhere. I’m not going to learn a lesson… I’m going to resent my boyfriend for taking away my freedom.

Highly recommend this book to ANYONE with children. It’s never too late to become a conscious parent. Put the electronics away. Spend some time with your kids. Don’t “ground” them or take away their favorite things. If they do something wrong, let them learn from their mistakes. Let them discover life. Don’t dictate to your kids just because that’s how you were raised. Open your minds and think about it. Give it a try. I’m only on chapter 4, and I LOVE it!!

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