Don’t tell ME no!!!

I’m so sick and tired of people telling me what’s best for me and my son.  NO!!  Don’t homeschool him, it’ll ruin your life!  You’ll never have any time to yourself.  You’ll drive yourself insane.  Ryan (my son) will just take advantage of the situation and start slacking off.  It’s nice to know that all these people know me and my son better than I do.  So, here is a blog that I came across that I truly needed to read today.  Thanks Ron!  And for the record, we are not a religious family.  We do however practice the teachings of Buddhism on a daily basis.  The Buddha himself said that Buddhism is NOT a religion, but a way of life.  It’s acting out of kindness.  Every homeschooling network I’ve researched so far is all based on Christianity.  I cannot incorporate bible study into our syllabus when it is something I don’t entirely believe in.


If you can't be kind, be quiet. : ) Have a good day!!

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