Daily Prompt: Lost and found

Groundhog Week:

Part of my brother’s job entails him to go into ritzy houses that have been foreclosed on and clean them out.  I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m completely envious of this.  You see, these ritzy houses don’t have food and cockroaches.  They have expensive trinkets and furniture, paintings and extravagant clothing.  I’d like to spend just one day on the job with him, but since he’s not the boss, I’m not allowed.  (Believe me… I’ve tried… several times).  Going into what was once someone’s home, seeing all the “unimportant stuff” they left behind, is like reading their diary.  It gives you a sense of who they are, what they’re like.  And since I was very young, my mother taught me “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”  I still live by this motto.  I collect elephants and blue glass.  So if I’m driving down the road and we pass a garage sale and my eyes happen to land on sparkling blue glass, you can bet you butt we’re stopping.

I love to see how other people live, especially those with lots of money.  It’s like they’re a member of some exclusive club that I’ll never have a chance to join.  So peeking in on their “leftovers” gives me a glimpse into their lifestyle.  They didn’t necessarily “lose” anything.  The things they left behind were unimportant to them.  My brother has come home with new appliances, cabinets, blown glass art… you name it!  Even though he makes $14 an hour, if you walk into HIS house, it looks as though he and his wife are one of the ritzy people.  Envious?  You bet I am.  He’s not thinking of ME when he’s cleaning out a house.  If he was, he’d have the next 20 Christmases covered for me.  And I would probably do the same.  Who do I know that would like this?  Oh!  This would look great on so-n-so’s hutch!

Maybe I’m in the wrong profession…  Regardless, I’ve never been a ritzy kind of girl, so the shoe wouldn’t fit.

Now, if I were to work in a place where there was a lost and found box, obviously the rules would be different.  Just because someone lost something doesn’t give me the right to take it.  But when I hear lost and found, I think of umbrellas, forgotten t shirts, mis-matched socks, lunch bags, scarves, and the like.  Nothing I’d necessarily be “interested” in.  No…  I want a job with my brother…


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