Daily Prompt: Seasonal Scents

Seasonal Scents

As Mother’s Day approaches, it’s the smell of Lilacs that let’s me know summer is fast approaching.  Unfortunately, that beautiful smell doesn’t last nearly as long as I’d like it to. And no company has managed to bottle the scent to perfection.

Then someone in the neighborhood sparks up their grill, and you can almost taste the steak with sautéed onions and mushrooms.

Aside from dealing with all the allergies associated with summer, we HAVE to take a trip to the beach.  So whether it’s to the local lake or the state park, the best smell that I can associate with summertime is a combination of suntan lotion and wet sand. That right there is a little slice of heaven…  Sitting in a beach chair, notebook and pen in hand, just smelling all the lathered bodies as they walk by, inspiration by the bucket-full, literally.

Happy Blogging Everyone!!  Hope you all have a great day!!


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