My time is limited, so I have to think and type rather fast.  I realize my following right now is small (although much appreciated) but all I ask is that you re-blog my awareness posts (with the exception of this one because this is just my plan) on your blogs and ask that your followers do the same.  The more people who are aware, the more people who donate, the more likely a cure will be found.

Recently, I found out that a very close member of my family (hopefully my some day, soon to be sister in law) was diagnosed with Scleroderma.  I said “What?”  What the hell is that?!  Well, I’m in the initial research stage and all I can say with 100% certainty is that the disease is HORRIBLE.  My 11 year old son and I are going to launch a fundraiser over the summer in honor of her and the disease and hoping that I can get the word out through you, my fellow bloggers.  So, if you’re a take charge kind of person, an “I’d like to help” kind of person, or if you’re too busy but could re blog all the info I provide in the future, PLEASE let me know.  I love this woman.  She is like family to me.  I will do everything I can to help her get better, as well as anyone else with the disease.  YOUR help would be GREATLY appreciated!!


This is all I have for right now…

What is Scleroderma?


Thanks in advance,



If you can't be kind, be quiet. : ) Have a good day!!

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