Daily Prompt: Vending Wishes

Vending Wishes

I would love to see a vending machine that for a mere penny, spits out a small slip of paper containing a positive affirmation.  Many people don’t believe just how powerful our thoughts are.  If we’re having a bad day, we simply drop a coin into the machine, and out pops a sentence that instantly changes our mood.  Similar to that of a fortune cookie, I suppose.  Maybe one isn’t enough.  Maybe you’re having a really bad day, so you insert a nickel, a dime or even a quarter.  No two messages are the same, but now you’ve got 25 sentences to paste all around your workspace to remind you that you are in fact a great person; you do serve a purpose; at the end of the day, something you’ve said or done has effected a stranger in such a positive way that you just might have saved their life.

I would love to see these machines in every state and government office, every jail facility (for the employees at least), at every profession that happens to cause depression.  I’d like to see them in grocery stores for the moms or dads running last minute errands who might feel a little neglected by their spouses.  In EVERY junior and senior high school for students and staff alike.

Happiness IS a choice, but sometimes we become so overwhelmed in the moment that we forget this.  A vending machine that helps remind us would be awesome!!


happy health


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If you can't be kind, be quiet. : ) Have a good day!!

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