Writing 101, Day Nineteen: Don’t Stop the Rockin’


I’m not all that great with free writing. Usually I have to have an idea in mind, and it springs from there. With no idea, where do I start? I’m currently well along my journey to self discovery. It was a few years ago when I lost everything (including my mind). Since then, I’ve been trying to figure out who I am, what interests me, hobbies I might like, that sort of stuff. What I’ve discovered so far, is that I’m genuinely a good person. I’ll drop whatever it is I’m doing if a friend calls for help. I’ve been reading up on Buddhism and enjoy it very much so. It states that Buddhism is NOT a religion, rather a way of life. I say this because I don’t want to offend anyone of another religion. Buddhism just fits for both me and my son. It’s living your life in kindness. The Buddha was a very wise man. I love to write, but I love to make others see their potential even more. I want to be inspirational. I want people to think of me and feel good about themselves. There’s good and bad in all of us. We just need to start feeding the good, so that the bad diminishes and the good sprouts like a flower.

Thanks to the daily prompts, I’ve gotten back into the habit of writing on a daily basis. I actually feel an overwhelming sense of guilt if I don’t complete an assignment. Probably not a healthy thing, as my book should come first, but the prompts give me motivation! They get the juices flowing first thing in the morning. I’ve neglected my writing for quite some time now. It feels like I’m finally home, now that I’m writing again.

I’m fairly new to blogging and WordPress, but have met some amazing people on here. And the advice? Even if it’s criticism, everyone is so nice about it. I’ve yet to come across anyone nasty or negative. The advice I’ve received so far motivates me to fix or re-write my work correctly, where it used to make me feel like I just didn’t have what it took to be a writer. I can finally say it… I am, in fact a writer. Maybe I’ll finish this book and it’ll be a best seller; maybe I’ll finish it and no publisher will be even slightly interested. The point is, I’m a writer. Am I any good? Well, based on the feed back I received from my college professors, and now my fellow bloggers (mainly from my previous blog, as this one is rather new) I’d have to say I’ve got potential. I just hope that the genre is of interest once the book is complete. I can’t see it not being of interest. It’s mainly about this movement slowly reshaping people. Thoughts become things, do good and good will come back to you, pay it forward, act in kindness, What you put out is what you’ll get back. I’ve also incorporated a chapter on how we raise our children. Small children don’t have the vocabulary to tell us what’s wrong, so they instead throw a temper tantrum. We as their parents see this as being disrespectful and punish them for their behavior. If we sat back and watched their body language, maybe we could figure out where the problem resides, instead of coming down on them like dictators, demanding that they meet OUR agendas. But anyway… it’ll make more sense once it’s written.

I just looked at the word counter and it said 555. I will always and forever think of my grandmother when I see this number, as that is the time she passed away. I scrolled to the top to reread what I had written so far and without any changes, the word counter jumped to 591, and now 641. I’m not going to count every word to verify the number I have written, but I’m going to take the 555 as a sign that I’m on the right path. Or maybe it was a simple hello. Either way, I’m happy, and you all should be too. It really is a choice. Sometimes a rather difficult choice, but a choice nonetheless. Does it feel good to be miserable, mad, upset and angry? Of course not. So, don’t let it happen. Get rid of all the negative garbage taking away your happiness and pull happiness to the forefront. Today (and everyday) I choose to be happy.

Happy Blogging!



If you can't be kind, be quiet. : ) Have a good day!!

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