Our Fun-Day Sunday

Started out with sweet kisses and a 24oz. extra sweet Hazelnut coffee. Bill had some things to do, so I played around on my blog, in an attempt to make it look a tad more professional. Ryan got the new Transformers video game as part of his “Passing the 6th Grade” gift, so he took this opportunity to play. Bill came home and we finished our flower garden (absolutely ADORABLE!!), showered, and then off to the movies it was. Now, there’s yet to be a catastrophy free movie night (the last time it happened to be a pretty bad car wreck… in MY brand new car!) so halfway up to our “Porn Star Seating” Ryan spills his extra large soda and… the tears begin. Thank God for free refills. And If I’m paying more at the concession stand than I am for the tickets to see the movie, there better be a free freaking soda!

The soda was refilled, Ryan got a cool limited edition Transformers 4 T-Shirt, we got to see a pretty awesome movie, and we made it back home safe and sound. Bill was nice enough to make us his famous meatballs, so dinner was deeeeelish!!  Now, it’s time for some dessert, and I KNOW it’s going to be just as sweet as the prelude to my morning coffee.

What a great day…  Why can’t EVERY DAY be as good as today?  Oh, wait… it can!  And it more than likely will be.

Good night fellow bloggers.  I hope your fun day was as good as ours.


Until next time…

~Kate… the lover of life, the forever optimist, the constant climber of the evolutionary ladder, the cool but tired mom, the writer, the like no other- one and only, never lonely, can’t wait for tomorrow’s daily prompt, Kate.


If you can't be kind, be quiet. : ) Have a good day!!

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