Motivational – Monday

Good morning fellow bloggers!! Although just another day of the week, Monday has a very bad reputation. It’s the start of the work week for many, and with time spent at work, all of your “to do” lists at home remain un-done. So, here is my latest idea. I’m going to have an inspirational post of some sort for each day of the week. Read it, absorb it, make it happen. So, for my first day of the week, I chose Fun-Day Sunday. For today, I will leave you with this message…


dirty feet



Every second of every day, YOU have a choice.  You can choose who you allow into your life, and who to expel.  If there is anyone who is attempting to bring you down, get rid of them.  The burden they put on you is one that carries with it, entirely too much weight.  And even thinking about negative people is like allowing them to live in your head rent free.  That’s absurd!!  Start TODAY!! Start to see who is bringing you down, who feels the need to compete?  Life is not a competition.  So, competitors need to be deleted.  Do you know that little “Clear History” button on your computer?  Well, you have that very same button in your mind.  It’s up to you whether or not you choose to push it.  Just know that the longer you allow negative people to influence you, the longer you will suffer. My sincere hopes that you all have a great day!!


Until next time…




If you can't be kind, be quiet. : ) Have a good day!!

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