Taking a break…

Since Writing 101 has ended, and I’ve done the daily prompt, I’m going to take a break for today. I want to run to the store and pick up a new Hydrangea and get the grass all dug up before Bill gets home so we can plant it. So, it’s off to Lowe’s for me and Ryan, and an afternoon of gardening. Can’t wait to see the end results. Here I was under the impression I didn’t have a green thumb. Oh how wrong I was… granted, the dirt under my fingernails isn’t very pleasant, I’ll live. Off for some fun in the sun. Have a good day everyone!!

Until next time…
~Kate…the new gardener!!


2 thoughts on “Taking a break…

  1. Have fun in your garden! Digging in the earth and watching things grow give me a sense of groundedness and peace. Just be careful where you plant your hydrangea! I have had a couple of heartbreaks over hydrangeas that got too much sun…. 😦


    • The spot I’m putting it is PERFECT!! It gets the morning sun but is in the shade by 1:00pm. However, I woke up this morning and it was all droopy and I thought it was dying. 😦 I just dumped a bucket of water into the pot, returned home from a dentist appointment and it’s back to life!! YAY!!!! I did it! I saved it! I’m not a huge fan of gardening, but I want where I live to look nice. Now we’ve got our neighbors asking if we’ll do the same to their little patches of lawn. THAT makes me happy.


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