Daily prompt: Wrong Turns

Wrong Turns

I’m going to have to write about the ONLY time I remember being lost and that was when I was about 6 years old. I think because it scared me so badly that it’s still such a vivid memory. I’m positive I’ve gotten lost in my adult life, I just cant recall the time, because it wasn’t a big deal.

So… when I was about 6, my mom and I took a tip to the local K-Mart. I asked her if I could look at the toys while she did her shopping, and she agreed. So, I went up and down each aisle, looking at all the toys, even the boys toys. I went back to the Barbie Dolls, and started to worry. She was taking an awfully long time. So, instead of staying where I was (like she told me to), I went in search of her. I don’t know if YOU remember how big those stores seemed to be at that age, but to me, it was like I was in the mall!! How in the world was I going to find her?! After about 5 minutes of searching (which seemed like an eternity to a 6 year old), I began to cry and this is when I had my very first panic attack (Thanks a lot mom!) 😉 A group of older kids (I’d say early 20’s) dressed in leather and chains hanging from their pockets stopped me and asked me what was wrong. I told them I was lost and despite their “Bad Ass” reputation, they helped this hysterical child find her mom. She was wearing a house dress… green with white poke-a-dots, carrying her denim purse over her shoulder, totally engrossed in a pattern she had picked out (no doubt the next dress she was probably going to make me wear). She saw the bikers and I saw a quick flush of panic cross her face, and out off the group emerges her little girl. The panic turned to relief, and from that day on, I never again separated myself from her while shopping. The stupid Barbie dolls weren’t worth it. But thanks bikers! when everyone else is parting like the Red Sea as you walk down the aisle, I admire the fact that you helped me to find my mom. My sincere thanks… I just wish the panic attacks stayed in the store.


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