B.A.D. Throwback Thursday

Being in the mood I’m in, I’d love more than anything to tell a story about how cruel my brother and sister were to me… BUT, happiness is a choice.  So, let’s go in a different direction.

One of my favorite memories as a child was hanging out at the basketball hoop.  If no one was out there, and you went out and bounced a ball, the kids came running.  It was like our secret code!  The neighborhood was empty and quiet.  Instead of knocking on all the doors, all you’d have to do was bounce that ball a few times…

Then we’d get a game of horse going (which I was always the first one out because I truly suck at basketball), but that was okay.  All the kids were out and we were together, having fun.  Once the game was over, we had our ice pops and went on to do other things.

Those were the days…  If only I knew then what I know now, I would have cherished those days so much more.  My only hope is to start a new tradition similar to this one with my son, and make sure he knows to enjoy it.  Our time is so limited here… even as kids!  We grow so fast, and being an adult isn’t always (rarely) fun.


well, until next time I guess…



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