Daily prompt: Strike a Chord

Strike a Chord

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to play the saxophone.  The thing was, you had to rent them from the school and they were rather expensive.  So, I sat back and watched other kids play, just listening to the sounds they made.  I loved it!

This was all okay with me.  We were an average income family, 3 kids, my dad worked, my mom was a stay at home mom; they had a limited income.  I get it.

So why then, did my brother get a $1,000 drum set?  I’ll tell you why.  He was the only boy, and he showed potential.  My dad used to follow my blog, knowing full well that writing was my passion.  He admits he doesn’t follow it anymore. 

And do you know, my parents and both siblings STILL want to know what the hell’s wrong with me?  What’s my problem?  Why am I so angry and bitter? Well, take a look back.  Life was awesome for all of you, but for me, being the youngest, I clearly got the shit end of the stick. 

Now, I’m out on my own, I’m a single mom, I could probably afford a saxophone and some lessons, but my bitterness has left me uninterested.  AWESOME.


13 thoughts on “Daily prompt: Strike a Chord

  1. Dear Kate –

    Please accept my sincere apology, and disregard my previous intrusive comments.

    Your old man jumped in with both feet — not knowing the details of your assignment — just to try and save face.


    WRITE on…let it flow…you’re doing GREAT!!



    • I told you this was not necessary, and yet you come back with vulgarity? Uggghhhh yea… what are all the editor’s and publisher’s going to think NOW? No Dad, you are not, nor will you ever be a dick. YOU are (and will always be) my mentor, my saving grace, my sounding board, my foundation, my Father and my best friend.

      I love you so much!
      Thank you for your words of encouragement and the saxophone you’re going to buy me for this Christmas! ; )


  2. (Post this, or ditch it. As blogmaster / moderator, it’s your call.)

    As you well know, there are two sides to every story. This is the OTHER side.


    Just to be clear, Kate, I never “admitted” that I don’t follow your blog “ANYMORE.”

    This is your third blog.
    I followed your first two.
    Then you told me that THIS was now the one I should follow. But that I should hold off for a week or so, until you start posting your entries.
    Then things got a little busy around here. In the meantime, however, I see that you’ve been writing up a storm. And good for you!
    I’m following. Not constantly, but I’m following.
    And I’m impressed — ya know, like I told you in my recent email.

    Your brother’s drums, BTW? $700.
    And just like YOU are doing, he followed thru in developing his potential.
    As a parent, it’s most rewarding to see my children’s talents blossom — that goes for ALL THREE of you.
    And I doubt that your Mother feels any differently.

    “For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to play the saxophone.”
    Unless my feeble memory is completely shot, Kate, this is the first I’m hearing about THAT one. I’m really trying to recall when you expressed an interest…and were refused.

    So, okay — either complain about what COULD have been, or just … go … friggin’ … DO IT!

    {You may recall there was a time when I couldn’t draw a damned STICK FIGURE with a charcoal pencil. And then, two classes later…}

    “Shit end of the stick?”
    Reflect on that one a little bit, Kate.
    It’s sad to read HERE that you feel that way.

    Enjoy the day!



    • Dad, it’s a daily prompt. It was my perspective as a child. Am I still interested in the saxophone? No…. If I was, I’d be doing it. Now, my interest is in writing. And yes, I very much so wanted to play the saxophone, but mom made it clear that we were in no position to afford it. And yes, she recalls me wanting to play. Regardless, the purpose of these prompts is to get me writing, not necessarily a therapy session. But anyway, have a great day.


      • Well then, by all means WRITE ON, Petunia!

        But please understand that if your future public writings are going to disparage me and my parenting, and / or if I need to defend myself, I will certainly jump in with my $.02.

        Just sayin’ …



      • I SPECIFICALLY said YOU were the one WORKING to SUPPORT us while mom was a stay at home mom. How is that in ANY way disparaging you OR your parenting skills?! If I had said you were out in the hood all day selling crack to get Mike a drum set, THAT’D be a different story entirely. I recently told you, you will ALWAYS be the smartest man I know. What you did for our family you don’t see people do today. I always looked UP TO YOU!! In my child eyes, Mike was given a drum set and my saxophone wishes were dismissed; to the point you don’t even recall me showing an interest. I was jealous! I was angry! And I was simply doing an assignment…


  3. It sounds like they maybe gave your sibling better treatment. I think it is a bad deal when parents choose one child over the other. It is pretty clear you have something to be annoyed about.


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