9 thoughts on “No Rhyme or Reason

      • Yes, I agree with the message in the poem because we can choose to do the better thing. And when we do, just like that we become better people. i.e. as you mentioned not indulging in negative thinking. But when in the grip of a bad habit, it never feels easy to break away from it.


      • Yes, it’s always difficult, BUT, we always have the choice. we just have to remember in that moment, and go with the better of the choices. If I’m in the midst of something that makes me feel bad, why would I want to continue feeling bad? I wouldn’t. So, I’m going to choose to walk away. It’s never easy, but it’s always there…


    • And just so you know… even though there’s supposed to be no electronics in our house on the weekends (A day off of work for my boyfriend constitutes a weekend) I came on to the computer and fixed this mess of a blog just for YOU!! I wanted to create a new menu and keep my poetry in a separate tag under the main menu but that was a complete failure, so, here it is… My weak attempt at writing poetry.

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      • I like how you can keep a meter. I think in general the meter is hard so I skip it. I hope you’re not annoyed at me. I did not mean to say you *had to fix it, just thought you should know. I know I would want to know. But yeah I’m glad you did though.
        I know I am having a lot of trouble understanding how to do things on wordpress so I am taking it slow with just the basics. It is probably going to be awesome for you though when you get the website working the way you want.


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