A day with Family

The house was jam packed,

There was no empty chair.

No gossip being whispered

Because no one really cared.

What this one had on

or what that one said last week,

We enjoyed our time together

as we do every time we meet.

Whether a holiday or just because

The people here are great

It’s taken 35 years, and a tumultuous mess

To finally find a family who doesn’t hate

Another member for any reason

There’s too much joy to share

The happiness that exuberates

is full of love, and they truly do care.

Are you having a bad day?

They can read it on your face.

Pull up a chair and talk about it

No need to feel disgrace.

Each member of the family

adds something new and different.

They’re all unique and special

And they don’t stop to even listen

To stories told in gossip

To hatred, doubt and shame.

Each of them is different, yes,

But each is loved the same.

I’ve never met a family with

arms opened so wide.

willing to lend an ear

and allowing us inside.

The special days they’ve created

in celebration and good cheer,

I cannot wait to go back again,

same day and time next year.

Until Next time…



If you can't be kind, be quiet. : ) Have a good day!!

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