B.A.D. Sinful Saturday

Okay, so here I have to acknowledge/admit ONE thing I know was wrong. Well, at the time, I didn’t see it as being wrong.  I vented my feelings of hurt, aggravation and despair on a social media.  I made sure before I wrote all that I did, that the “audience” was limited, and no one of importance (outside of who I was directing the message to would read it.)  Well, unfortunately, that wasn’t good enough.  There’s a one in a million chance that someone of importance could somehow, someday, stumble across the post (not likely) and certain peoples reputation would be tarnished.  So, you’re more concerned about your reputation that the hurt swimming around inside me?  That’s awesome.  I deleted the post, and the people.  From my social media AND my life.  If you’re going to be THAT shallow, I definitely don’t need you hanging around trying to stalk my page to get info on me.  So, was what I wrote wrong?  I don’t thing so.  Could I have handled it differently?  Probably, but it’s hard when I’ve got one person saying don’t contact us, and another saying call anytime.  I don’t want to call and make waves.  So, I vented to a friend.  The person I was venting about read it, flipped a lid and is no longer in my life.  Lesson learned?  Absolutely. I now go right to the source AND some people will truly never change.  I believe that’s what we now know as “Life”.  Shit happens.  You address it, fix it and move on, or you get pissed off, scream and yell and disown the person hurting.  Ultimately the choice is always ours.  Glad to hear that you can disown me yet spend 5 hours sitting and chatting with my ex (no doubt about me) while you’re supposed to be running the precious store you didn’t want tarnished in the first place.  To each their own I guess.  In the moment I was hurting, very badly.  I expressed that hurt without mentioning ANY NAMES ( which is EXACTLY why any and all threats are idle) and instead of seeing what I was writing, this person chose to see hatred instead.  So… again… lesson learned.  My circle is much smaller, and that’s okay.  I don’t want shallow, uncaring individuals taking up ANY space in my life, where a more positive person might fit in.  See ya!  Do I have any regrets  Absolutely.  I regret that it wasn’t a conversation I could have in person because the person I was talking about doesn’t have the time.  They are too wrapped up in themselves in to even notice someone else’s pain.  I regret that I resorted to social media, because ultimately that’s why I gave up Facebook.  Its an outlet, but when I use it for such, I’m an evil, vindictive monster.  Facebook is gone, my writing is taking off, I’ve had to learn a few tough lessons, but I do believe I’m finally on the right track.  I have my down days, don’t get me wrong.  Life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows all the time, as much as I’d like it to be, but those who actually care about me help get me through them.  Many thanks to those of you left; those of you who truly care; those of you that don’t hang ultimatums over my head; those of you who have been there from the beginning and continue to support, encourage and offer advice when I need it. As my circle gets smaller, my bonds with you grow deeper.  I will be forever grateful for you.   Until next time… ~Kate…the evil, vindictive, user of social media for what it’s for yet is accused of tarnishing reputations. Ha!  Whatever.


4 thoughts on “B.A.D. Sinful Saturday

  1. Beautifully written Kate,
    It’s my experience that some people are stuck so far up there own bums that they dont even know what colour their own poo is! The world can be a beautiful place, you dont need negative people in it bringing you down :-).


    • Thank you. Because I’m so naïve, it’s taken me a long time to figure that out, but the fact is, I’ve figured it out. I still have time to make something of myself, to follow my passion (writing) even though these people have zero faith in me. It no longer matters as they are no longer a part of my life. They can’t spy on me via facebook, or find out where I’m panning my next trip. They’re no longer stalking me and I like it that way. Now IS my time to blossom. And something tells me they are going to regret writing me off in the not so distant future. Isn’t it funny how once you become successful EVERYONE wants to be your best friend? Well, they can kiss my ass. I’ve done my fair share of negative behaviors, but the behaviors were LEARNED by them. They’ve got no one to blame but themselves. And when I do make it big, I’m going to continue to ignore them, as they add nothing positive to my life.


      • Naivity is my speciality :-)…that is some serious fighting talk Kate, sounds like youre already a winner :-)…i’m glad i came across your blog, i like what you write 🙂


      • I’ve been naïve my whole life. I’m done with it. I’m not looking for a fight either. I did something that everyone else thinks was wrong (trying to vent my feelings of anger and hurt to a friend on Facebook). It was interpreted wrong, so now I’m the outcast. No contact, whatsoever, blah blah blah. Whatever. They can keep living their lives the way feel is right and I’ll do the same. However, I’m not going to lay on the ground crying because they won. No, it was a lesson learned, and from here we (or I anyway) carry on. If they want to be filled with venom and hate, I feel sorry for them…


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