7 thoughts on “Inside my head…

  1. ohh… I have now clicked on it correctly and have read the post. Before i just saw the picture. I am pretty non tech savvy, don’t mind me.
    Get togethers are challenging for me as well. I guess I think I look fine overall, but I don’t feel like I am ‘doing it right.’ Like I don’t feel I blend with people well.

    It is interesting how you mentioned, “how do we explain to people how we are.” I guess you mean how to explain that you are an introvert. I think people end up figuring it out. I guess you may also have a family that has emotional expectations on you so you don’t feel like you can have the space you want?

    Yesterday we had a get together at my house and I spent a lot of time day dreaming and I had no idea what anyone was talking about. For some reason I just could not focus. Arg…


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