HELLO?? I need participants if this is really going to work. I know you’ve all got a story. You don’t HAVE to do it everyday, but an occasional contribution would be awesome!! Thanks!  And to make things less difficult, if you don’t want to clog up your page, simply leave your response to the B.A.D. under the comment section of this or the Blog itself.  Think of the possibilities… we, as a group could offer constructive criticism, share a laugh or two, meet new people, make new friends… they are endless!!  So, join me, won’t you?


Over the last 24 hours, my followers jumped from 21 to 36. No one wants to participate in my Blog A Day (B.A.D.)?? That makes me sad. We could have SO much fun with this, sharing stories, offering ideas, establishing friendships, improving our craft… the possibilities are endless!! Come on… SOMEONE participate. I was looking forward to a day of responses and funny/light hearted stories to read. Anybody? Somebody? I can’t get this started on my own. I need people to participate, otherwise it’s just me, and its not fun…

So, click on the Please Participate Link, read what it’s all about, and then add YOUR story to Wacky Wednesday!!

Come on… this doesn’t sound fun?  Think of the variety of responses we could get, the humor, the lessons we can learn through other’s experiences…  And again, if you have a better idea for a particular day, please don’t hesitate to…

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If you can't be kind, be quiet. : ) Have a good day!!

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