B.A.D. Motivational Monday

So… it’s Monday again.  Is it just me or do Monday’s always feel like we’re wading through molasses just to reach our lunch break?  Well, here’s a thought to get you going…



And how true is this?  We can stare at blank piece of paper or an empty computer screen all day and we’ll be nothing.  But, if we actually start, we have the potential to be AWESOME.  How do you know that someone out in the world isn’t waiting as patiently as they can for what it is you’re wanting to write?  You won’t know unless you get it written.


We were ALL born to do great things, and we all happen to be writers.  So, once you put that pen to paper, or you start typing on the keyboard, great things are bound to happen.  Look at your following.  People actually like what you have to say.  I’m old school.  For my book, I’ve got a 5″ binder filled with loose leaf paper and a HUGE pen collection.  (I didn’t even know they made 5″ binders!!  I happened to find one at Staples.  Although it cost me $32.00, you can bet your butt I paid it!)  I was tired of working out of 2 separate binders.  Now it’s all in one, organized and ready for me to start writing in.  How will I know if I have the potential to be great if I don’t at least give it a try??  The same goes for you.  Just do it already!  Write to your hearts content.  Maybe it’ll be nothing, but it’ll get you in the habit of writing, and practice for the real thing!!


Happy Blogging everyone!!

I hope your Monday is as motivating as mine.  I’m going to go grab that 5″ binder and write until my fingers bleed.  I have a story to tell.  Whether it’s a best seller or I self publish and don’t make a dime, I’ve got to get it out of my head.  You see, my intentions aren’t to live off of what this book grosses.  My ONLY intention is to tell the story, spread the word, get it out there.  Maybe if we change the way we think, we’ll be more successful.  We are our own worst critic.  Stop editing and re-editing and just write.  No more excuses!!

Until next time…



If you can't be kind, be quiet. : ) Have a good day!!

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