B.A.D. A Thought for Tuesday

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” –Albert Einstein


Think about what you’re writing and the motives behind it.  Are you writing to be a best seller and make millions of dollars?  Or are you writing to spread a message of some sort?

  If you’re in it for the fame and fortune, you’re in it for the wrong reasons.  If you’re in it because you feel your writing can be beneficial to someone (valuable) then you’re in it for the right reasons.  Maybe you write just get things off your chest and you aren’t a career writer.  Well, whatever your career is, the same holds true.  Are you wanting to climb the ladder and one day be the boss just to satisfy your ego and make the good bucks?  Or are you learning as you take each step to become an asset rather than a liability?  Can your co-workers depend on you?  Are you a team player?  Are you of value to your employer or the company as a whole?  Are you a want to employee or a have to employee?  Do you want to be of value or do you show up because the bills have to get paid.  If that’s the case, maybe you should be looking at a new profession?  Either way, try to think about that today… are you actually valuable or just trying to reach the top of that success ladder?


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