Austrailian Followers??

As I mentioned in my previous blog, at the very top of my bucket list is a trip to Australia.  On my previous blog, I also had 2 Australian followers.  They didn’t follow me over to this new one… 😦  So if any of my followers are in Australia, please let me know.  I won’t harass you about your adorable accents or question you about kangaroos and koala bears.  I’d just like to say I know someone from Australia…

So, if you know someone from Australia, or YOU are from Australia, please follow me…  I absolutely LOVE everything about Australia and hope to one day live there.

Signing off for the night with wishful thinking…





5 thoughts on “Austrailian Followers??

    • Thank you. People are STILL commenting on older posts so I just went in and deleted the account entirely. It sucks because all the content is gone, but It’s okay. Fresh starts are often a good thing. Thanks for following!!


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