B.A.D. Wacky Wednesday

So, although this isn’t necessarily “funny” it may sound a bit “out there”. 

Every night starting at 5:00pm we have 4 local news channels telling us “Here’s who’s dead.”  Well, how about we get a news channel that focuses on “Here’s who did something good.”  And not just pet adoptions, craft fairs etc., but rather, maybe a large donation to the homeless shelter.  Someone doing their best to improve the community they live in, in a positive manner.

  I don’t watch the news, specifically because it’s filled with nothing but negativity.  I don’t want to hear the gruesome details of how 2 teens were killed, or how a young boy killed his mother.  I want to hear who is doing something positive to make a change for the better.  I want to hear POSITIVE things!!  The thing is, most of us are so intrigued with the bad stuff, so we can thank our lucky stars it didn’t happen to us.  The world has become taken over by this heavy, thick, cloud of negativity.  I don’t like it.  I don’t imagine the people living or vacationing on tropical islands are watching the evening news.  They’re enjoying their paradise.  So, since we can’t all be on those tropical islands, why not turn our homes and our neighborhoods into our own little piece of paradise and then do news stories about THAT?  People making a positive effort, and encourage others to follow.  It may take quite a while, but I could see it working.  And then we can shut those horrible “Here’s who’s dead” stations down.

So, is the idea a bit out there?  Probably.  But is it impossible?  Absolutely not.  I’d much rather hear of good things than bad.  Good things make us feel good, and when we feel good, we do good.  If only I alone had the power to make this happen.  I’d be all over it!!


Happy blogging everyone.

Until next time…



10 thoughts on “B.A.D. Wacky Wednesday

  1. I agree with you…I never watch the news; it’s just gloom and doom. You can always tell the people that live for the news…they will always ask you some horrific question like, “Did here about that boy that was kidnapped and blah blah blah…” Even after I tell them no, I don’t watch the news because it’s depressing and negative, they STILL proceed to relay all the gory details! I feel bad for these people. We need more shows like Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. How can you not feel good or inspired after watching that?


    • I record EVERY Super Soul Sunday!! Love those!! You’re right… there should be more shows like that on. If people would realize that thoughts become things, and they held the potential to change their lives in the palm of their hands, maybe the world WOULD be a better place. But, so many people are surrounded by such negativity, they can’t see through to the lighter side, where happy people reside. I don’t like to leave my house, unless absolutely necessary for this very reason. I just don’t like people and their rotten, negative attitudes. Birds of a feather… I’ll pass thank you very much. Instead, I’ll stay inside where no one is rude, rotten or nasty and I’ll write. AND I’ll make new friends who think like I do. 🙂


  2. Focusing on the positive sounds like it would be uplifting in general so that the people in a town could believe that the good things they do really do make a difference. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be that way.


    • I know… too many people are into the blood and guts of the days accidents. And maybe they know someone who knows someone who knows the person killed. It disgusts me. That’s why I refuse to watch anything but the weather.


      • I know what you mean. But I also think keeping up with the news is important, even though I am a bit behind. So that it is a bit of a dilemma.
        How to figure out what is going on without feeling manipulated emotionally in the process?


    • That would be great, but I don’t think I alone could sway their agenda. There’s something to be said by “There’s strength in numbers.” If I could get more people involved and share my way of thinking, perhaps I’d have a chance… But thanks for taking the time to read it!!


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