There’s always tomorrow…right?

Daily Prompt: Now? Later!

We all procrastinate. Website, magazine, knitting project, TV show, something else — what’s your favorite procrastination destination?




As I look around the house, I see a few dishes in the sink, a laundry basket half full of dirty clothes, a sleeping child who I know will be awake momentarily…  there is just so much to do; too many to list.  So, the way I see it is: There’s always tomorrow.  Why not get lost in blogging for the day?  Or if I can’t think of a topic to write about, why not get lost in a good book?  The dishes will surely be there tomorrow, as will the laundry.  They may double, but they’ll be there.  The bills will keep coming, the dishes will pile up, the laundry may get up and walk itself to the washer, but rest assured, whatever I happen to get lost in doing, the world will not stop spinning.



Yes, our days are numbered.  We aren’t guaranteed tomorrows, but they’ll more than likely be there.  I’d much rather spend the day doing something I enjoy versus something I dread.  So, I put off the silly things, that I know will wait patiently for my attention and spend my days doing what’s important to ME.  The dishes don’t care whether they’re washed or not.  The clothes aren’t going to stop talking to me if I don’t wash them TODAY.  But I might be a little disappointed in myself if I give in to the norm and do my household duties.  It’s not too often I find a book that I get lost in, but I stumbled across one the other day.  I’d MUCH rather get lost in someone else’s world than my own for a few hours a day.

Procrastination isn’t such a horrible thing. I wouldn’t suggest you make a routine out of it, but once in  while, it’s okay. Right?




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