Amazon vs. Hachette – Indie authors and lovers of Indie Lit. – take a stand against big publishing, sign the petition.

As writer’s, we ALL have our own, unique voices.  Do you want your voice to be heard?  Or would you rather some hierarchy publishing firms turning you away because your voice isn’t what they’re looking for?  Me?  I’d much rather have my voice heard, and if someone expresses an interest, they have the option to continue reading my work, or simply move along to another writer.  Please… Help Amazon win this battle.  Amazon is here for BOTH writer’s and reader’s alike, giving us the option to be heard and liked, and giving readers the option of finding a new author they may like.  Please sign the petition and let these big “NY Publishing firms” know who’s boss!!  Amazon has had our backs… it’s time we return the favor.  Any support would be GREATLY appreciated!!


Indie Hero

Some have called for a boycott of Amazon. Read the info below.

Self-published authors responded to Preston’s open letter on Thursday with their own petition, which now boasts over 3,000 signatures.

Launched by Howey – author of the hit dystopian novel Wool – and others including the bestselling thriller writers JA Konrath and Barry Eisler – the letter urges readers not to boycott Amazon, arguing that the online giant has liberated authors and readers alike from the clutches of “New York Publishing”.

“Major publishers like Hachette have a long history of treating authors and readers poorly,” the petition states. “Amazon, on the other hand, has built its reputation on valuing authors and readers dearly. The two companies didn’t simultaneously change directions overnight.”

“Amazon has done more to liberate readers and writers than any other entity since Johannes Gutenberg refined the movable type printing press”, the petition continues, adding that “Amazon…

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