Imperfect reflection of the chaotic beauty.

Everyday I come across something written, mere words, but they are extremely powerful. Something in the writing resonates with me. I would be foolish NOT to share this. It is absolutely beautiful and deserves to be acknowledged for that reason alone. So, here is a piece that showed up in my feed, and touched me in a way that no words I know of could explain how it effected me. I hope you all feel the same.


I am imperfect,
I am flawed
I am everything,
And i am nothing.
I am someone,
Am of course,
No one.
I am a reflection,
Of a shadow,
A whisper,
A silent echo.
That only a few can sense.
I am a goddess,
borne from the red moon.
I am a succubus,
Deep carnal desire.
I am a heathen,
A sister of the devils army,
I am an elemental,
A sister of earth,
The Angels stand at my side,
The devil along for the ride.
I am perfect,

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