B.A.D. Wacky Wadnesday

Okay, so we can’t be serious all the time…

At some point over night, while I was fast asleep, three of you snuck in here and pushed that little follow button.  Do you have any idea what that did to me?  Well that put me at 101 followers!  I was happy with 100.  If I could reach 100 people that’d be awesome.  Well, now I’ve reached 101.  Thank you all so much.  I’m still in the amateur stages as far sharing my actual work, but all in due time I suppose.  A very sincere thanks to each and every one of you.  I went to bed with a very positive message from a website outside of WordPress and I woke up to this…


And as if that weren’t enough, this too…


Fellow bloggers, YOU are awesome.  You inspire me everyday to keep writing, to keep putting out what you want to read.  So, thank you all very much.  And yes, this IS my post for Wacky Wednesday, because my eyes are barely open, and this just seems appropriate.  Hope you all have a Great day!!

Until next time…

~A very appreciative Kate


4 thoughts on “B.A.D. Wacky Wadnesday

  1. Well done Kate, every follower and every like, you have rightfully earned. 🙂 keep going, the excitement does not dissappear as wordpress gives you more trophies 🙂


    • It just feels good. I can’t tell you how many people have told me I’m useless and never going to amount to anything. Well this is me … giving them a one finger salute. This is me starting to make something of myself. To have the confidence it takes to put my work on display for the world to read and criticize. This is me doing the exact opposite of what these particular people said. I LOVE when I can prove someone wrong; especially when that someone isn’t very nice. Thank you very much for you continuous support and your encouraging words. You really don’t know what it means to me.


      • You know Kate i only started proper blogging at the beginning of June, i was all prepared and ready to go…but hesitant, what if no one wanted to read what I wrote?…and the worse one, what if i run out of words…well out of no where a person, kinda appeared and gave me the believe that my writing was worthy, so anyway, when i saw your blog and saw that, like me, you was nervous, i thought yeah, this girl can write…so i paid it forward :-)…i had/have someone believe in me…and i believe in you. 🙂


      • As I do you. Thank you. I wish for you nothing but success!! Bunches and bunches of pure success!! And each time you write, may I remind you, that THAT is just a small piece, but a piece nonetheless, of success. Hope you have an awesome day!! 😀


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