B.A.D. Thankful Thursday

Okay folks, I’m changing the rules.  I often say, “Don’t judge me by my past.  I don’t live there any more.”  So, instead of going back in time on Thursday’s, and dredging up old angers and resentment, (which seems to be happening with every “Throwback Thursday” post) I’m changing “Throwback Thursday” to “Thankful Thursday.”  I’ll change it in the description at the top menu eventually.  But I’m sick and tired of feeling sad and depressed when I go back to my childhood.  I don’t like feeling that way.  So, here’s my Thankful Thursday post.  I hope you enjoy it.


We have ample things to complain about on a daily basis.  Someone at work pisses us off.  Our boss even.  Our neighbors say or do something, we witness an act of violence or see it on TV.  The opportunities to bitch about life are endless.  I’m going to use this post to write about something I’m thankful for instead.  No rant, no expression of negative vibes, but a short explanation of something I’m truly thankful and grateful for.  Today?  It happens to be 2 things.

1.  How many of you have ever worked in customer service?  How many of you have ever had a random customer write to your boss on your behalf, telling him or her of a peasant experience.  Me?  Once.  And it was ultimately a scam to get me and my co worker out of trouble.  I can say that now because I no longer work there.  But aside from that, NEVER.  If you work in customer service, you KNOW how hard it is dealing with all the different personalities walking through your stores door.  Yet, we are rarely recognized for this.  So, what I’ve chosen to do, is write to the head honcho of my local grocery store to let him know what a fantastic job his pharmacy department is doing.  They go out of their way every tie I’m there to meet my needs, but a simple thank you, in my opinion, isn’t enough.  They don’t HAVE to work as hard as they do to help me.  But, they do, because they’re just nice people like that.

Is it going to hurt me to WRITE a letter of acknowledgment to their boss?  Hardly!  And maybe they’ll be rewarded in a way that I can’t give them (a raise, a bonus check at the end of the month, etc.)  Think about all the places you go.  Have you entered a store and had superior customer service?  Have you acknowledged this with the stores manager?  Well, if your like most people, you walk out with a smile on your face, in a better mood, but it goes no further.  However, if you walk into a store and have a negative experience, I bet you wouldn’t hesitate to complain.  I know I wouldn’t.  So, I’m going to spend the day drafting this letter, and sending it out tomorrow.  I am truly grateful for the way I’m treated by the employees of this department, and I think we should start focusing more on the POSITIVES instead of the negatives.  Pick a time you had a positive experience, and acknowledge it already!!


Secondly, I live in an apartment.  There is a 2 family house across from us.  We never talk, but as I mentioned in an earlier post, I wave whenever I see them out.  Last night, my son was outside riding his bike when he got a flat.  I’m thinking I’ll the bike in the car, bring it to the gas station and fill it with air.  Well, my son’s bike is upside down in this families back yard.  One of the older males is on the phone as he’s looking at my son’s tire.  He’s actually calling a friend who he just gave a bike to, to see if he can get the tube off the tire (his friend just needed the handlebars).  I hear him say “Okay, I’ll be over in a bit.”  I’m speechless.  Are you serious?  You don’t know me.  You don’t know my son.  Yet you’re going to go out of your way to help my son fix his tire?  Is all of this REALLY happening?  You see, I could have very easily called my son’s father, who bought him the $500 bike for Christmas last year, explained what happened and waited the month+ it would take him to get around to fixing it, but… there was no need to, because these kind people have already solved the problem.  I do plan to pay the man for his service to us, his time spent, the gas money, etc.  But this is what I’m talking about!!!  Love thy neighbor!!  I didn’t think such people existed anymore.  I’m so grateful that they do.  And I’m going to acknowledge it, because it’s the right thing to do, AND because maybe if they see how grateful I am, they’ll continue to stay positive people.


Okay… I feel SO much better writing about POSITIVE things than I did going back in time.  I’m already loving this Thankful Thursday!!

Have a good day fellow bloggers…

Until next time…



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