Before signing off for the night…

Um…Help?  I’m trying to get back into the commons to ask for advice there, but can’t seem to get in… 

It seems as though my home page (reader) has suddenly changed it’s appearance.  For example, Instead of the small block in the upper right hand corner that said “New Post” I’ve now got a pencil with a + sign.  My comments aren’t showing up.  I actually have to go looking for them.  I’m getting flooded with You Tube comments that go right to my spam folder, but I don’t get it.  They’re all asking what site I’m using to write my blog.  How did they find it?  If they’re able to write anything, they can surly see it’s WordPress.  It’s all just overwhelming.  I’m not sure if my psycho ex is back to hacking into my account, or if this is happening to anyone else.  So, if it is happening to you, please let me know so I know I’m not alone. I would REALLY appreciate it. No idea what to do…  ANY help would be great at this point. Bossom666 where are you?  I need technical advice!!!

Thanks in  advance,

~Kate…exhausted from a day of Poetry Play…


8 thoughts on “Before signing off for the night…

  1. The pencil and the plus sign actually means new post. There are search engines that people can use to find your blog. It can be through google etc as well.

    If you’re worried someone might try and hack it, why not change your email? Make a new one with a difficult password!


  2. Sorry i.dont seem to be getting messages at the moment, i think its the heat, were not really used to this heat here in England! Theyre saying heatwave today!
    ok so firstly i actually saw a blog post yesterday, somseone else was also complaining about the change. Now i actually think, i got that change ages ago. To write a post or look on my screen on the computer, i hit my blog then the W then go to new post and it brings up the normal screen to write a post.
    As for.comments im not sure usually they are in my notifications, but i know i can also access them via the dashboard.
    The spam…i completely understand why you are panicing, so im not going to say its.fine ignore them. I was looking the other day at how wordpress deal wirh spam and it does explain it well.i think i went stats, then near the bottom of the page, spam. Have a read through, see if it answers your questions.
    Deep breath.
    Take another deep breath.
    I wont rely on wordpress sending me a mesaage…i’ll check bavk in with toy myself in a few hours…i suspect your sleeping! 🙂


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