Let me apologize in advance…

Daily Prompt: Nosey Delights

From the yeasty warmth of freshly baked bread to the clean, summery haze of lavender flowers, we all have favorite smells we find particularly comforting. What’s yours?

This would  have to be my boyfriend.  Yes, I love the smell of lilacs, and freshly baked foods, so I’m somewhat normal.  My favorite smell was once my son after I’d given him a bath.  (He’s 11 now and smells like a sweaty boy on the brink of puberty).  But when my boyfriend enters the room, EVERY sense is heightened.  Whether it’s returning home from a trip to the store, or after a long day of work in the hot sun, the scent of this man drives me crazy!  It’s taken me 35 years to finally know the scent of a hard working man.  And it’s not, by any means, “B.O.”  It’s a musky scent, combined with his deodorant.  Everyday, I’ll hug him just to take a deep breath of his scent, and it’s pure heaven.  The man drives me insane.  I apologize if this is T.M.I., but hey… you asked.

This has been our ongoing “foreplay” since the day we met.  I asked him for his shirt on the nights we couldn’t be together, so I could fall asleep with my face buried in it.  Now that we live together?  Every night, I fall asleep with my head on his shoulder so that I can fall asleep to the “real thing.”  It’s become somewhat of a joke, but ask him and he’ll tell you.  His scent alone drives me wild.  I literally feel stupefied in his presence sometimes, because the smell of him has me in my own world… way out in the middle of no where… imagining our next “dance.”  Yup… the scent of my boyfriend makes me dumb.  🙂  (pheromones… That’s the word I was looking for.  Thank you Blossom666 for helping me out with that one.  LOL



4 thoughts on “Let me apologize in advance…

  1. Oh my god, we must have great minds, im gonna write this prompt later and i was thinking of writing about pheromones ( basically the hormones that create that scent you love on your bf!)


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