What the…?

All of a sudden I’m being inundated with comments from You Tubers which are going right into my spam folder.  Anyone have any idea why this is happening, how I can prevent it or have a similar experience??  Kinda worried about security issues here.  Is wordPress “safe”?


3 thoughts on “What the…?

  1. It is normal to get lots of spam, wordpress should be putting it in your spam box automatically….theyre usually just advertisement, and hey come and look at this kinda emails…shouldnt be anything to worry about 🙂


    • But they’re comments… about my posts from You Tube users. Kinda creepy. Asking what account I’m using to blog. Um… you found my page so you should have the WP address. Just makes me feel like I’m being hacked all over again right underneath my nose without even knowing it. So, should I just delete all those comments in the future?


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