Another B.A.D. for Sinful Saturday

I am guilty of using social media as a means to gather a following in previous arguments.  I hated feeling alone and I wanted to know that my friends had my back.  I am done.  I am done ranting and raving about people and situations, looking for comfort from people who call themselves friends.  I have resorted to writing poetry.  Through that, I can express my feelings and no one has to know who I am talking about or what situation I’m referring to. 

Let me just assure you all that my life is currently great.  I have “issues” just like the rest of the world, but I prefer not to dwell on the negative.  So, I’ll continue to work on my “issues” privately and vent through verse. 

AND… for the first time in my LIFE…as of Thursday, I am the proud owner of a brand spanking new KING size mattress!!  My only fear is that it won’t fit in my bedroom.  I’m going out tomorrow with my hubby (I can call him that now) to get all new sheets and pillows, fit for a queen and her king.

Life is good…

Good night all… happy blogging!


~Kate…a very blessed Kate.


2 thoughts on “Another B.A.D. for Sinful Saturday

If you can't be kind, be quiet. : ) Have a good day!!

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