Taking a moment…

… to recognize my son’s pure awesomeness!!  And statistics show that boys get 99.9% of their awesomeness from their mothers…Just sayin’.  I took him to karate this morning, and despite the fact that neither of us are “morning people” he kicked A$$!!!  He won at a game of karate dodge ball twice in a row, and came home drenched in sweat.  EVERY time he enters the dojo, he gives it his ALL.  I am so proud of him!!  So, maybe you opened this blog thinking that it was going to be an intellectual piece on the latest news story, or the happenings around the world.  I’m sorry to say, but in this very moment, I couldn’t care less.  I am oozing with pride, as I have single handedly raised this boy for 11 years.  To hear complete strangers tell me what a gentleman he is, is sweet, sweet music to my ears.  It just goes to show me that all our talks and lessons of karma, and positive thinking, doing good deeds, etc., have truly paid off.  So, you want a rant?  I can write for hours on this topic alone.  I am taking a moment to let the world know that my son is my heartbeat

Here he is meditating before class…


And HERE I will take a moment to reflect on the fact that he is doing a stretch that was “impossible” when he began karate a few months ago


I am ONE PROUD MAMA!!!  Taking a moment to tell you, Ryan August, I love you more than you will ever know.  YOU are my reason for living, my purpose, why I get out of bed everyday.  I love you forever It’s me and you against the world.  Don’t ever forget it!!




And since we can write about anything we want for our daily prompt, THIS is my submission. 


Happy blogging everyone!!  Hope you all have a GREAT day!!



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