An Ego Boost for Monday Morning

Through my ex husbands own admission, he never sees our son.  He has a new family now and it wouldn’t be fair to those kids for dad to disappear and spend one on one time with his first born, blah blah blah.  If you make them, take care of them.  ALL of them.  Our son happens to have a few special needs that his father just simply ignores and resorts to yelling and screaming, which is why my son won’t go over there. And he has a strong dislike for his father’s girlfriend, but we won’t go there.

Well I posted a blog yesterday about having to console my son after his semi annual trip to his fathers.  Apparently my ex is following my blog, because this pissed him off.  Let’s see.  Bill and I have been together for one year.  In that one year, (I have Bill as a witness), my son spent two nights with his father.  So, is semi annual visit WRONG?  It’s hitting the nail on the head!

What hurt more?  The fact that I publicized it or the fact that it’s true?  You just sent me an email (which I of course sent to Ryan’s Law Guardian) telling me to move out of state because you were done with Ryan.  I asked you again if we could move whether or not you’d fight it, and your response was “GO!”  So, what’s the problem?  I’m just happy to see that you take the time to follow my work.  Or is this how you stay connected to Ryan?  You read my blogs about him so you have something to tell the judge when I file for sole custody?  The child support is a completely different issue.  You KNOW you owe me more since you’re back to work, but because you had yet another baby on the way, I chose to keep it where it was to HELP you.  You see, I STILL feel sorry for you.  I’m not going to take food out of your new baby’s mouth simply because it’s owed to MY son. And I’ll save the maintenance you still owe for another rant.  I’ll continue to support him, and he’ll continue to pray that Bill will one day be his real dad.  We’ll go to court (you can appear by phone because I know you’re the only provider in that house and can’t take the time off of work) where I will file for sole custody and have the right to LEGALLY take MY son where ever we want to go.  Your email and text messages helps immensely!  Thank you for those.

I guess the bottom line is… thank you for following me.  Thank you for seeing that my writing HAS in fact paid off, and that I’ve got publishers asking more of my submissions because they love my work and are promoting me for FREE!!  Thank you for believing in me.  I’m sorry the truth hurts sometimes, but when you go so long between phone calls, and you make no attempt to spend quality time with him, MY son is going to see this for himself.  You care more about this “new” family than you do him.  He’s not stupid.  If I can see through the smoke screen, so can he.  He’s actually a very smart little boy.  But at 11 years old, he’s had to face some harsh realities, forcing him to grow up far before his time.  I’m just as guilty for staying with you as long as I did, when I should have divorced you the first time you cheated.  Even the second time.  But I was too weak.  I was a single mom and had little support so I stuck it out.  That’s no excuse.  Ryan never should have made it to his second birthday with his biological parents married.  I’m a fool for staying with you as long as I did.  I can’t undo it, but at least I can say I tried.  I tried to make you see the importance of family, the importance of communicating verses yelling and screaming.  Ryan said all Nikki did was yell at Dylan (not even 2 yet?!) all day?!  That’s awesome.  So, it’s history repeating itself.  Someday Dylan’s going to be sitting at his girlfriends dinner table, confessing to her mother how unhappy he is at home, because all everyone does is scream and yell.  Well, there’s NO WAY I’m allowing that to happen to MY son.  So you continue leading your pathetic lives, popping out kids like a Pez dispencer that you can’t afford (because you know if we went back to court and I got what is truly owed to me, you’d be bankrupt again), and we’ll continue moving forward, making progress and becoming successful.  Have a wonderful life!

And Nikki… you know what they say… once a cheater, always a cheater.  If he did it to me, you know he has it in him to do it to you.  You might want to shorten that leash a little more.  Regardless, we create our own karma, so I truly wish you both exactly what it is you deserve.  Thanks for your support in following my blog.  It really is an ego boost!!

~Kate…one successful, happy, proud Kate.



5 thoughts on “An Ego Boost for Monday Morning

    • And which might those be? We create our own karma? Well, at one point, she was my best friend and he was my husband. The two people closest to me hurt me in a way no one else has since managed to do. A best friend doesn’t go around having sex with their best friends husband and a husband shouldn’t be having sex with anyone but the one person he vowed before God to have sex with. He’s now a “family man” but it’s only because she barks the orders. I chose NOT to bark orders and let him come to the realization that he was a father on his own terms. It’s been 11 years. He’s had ample time. They deserve each other. And her barking orders is going to cause him to do the exact same thing to her. They say they’re a family, and I have to laugh. It’s like they’re having kids to prove to the world that they’re SOOOO happy. I’ve had private talks with my ex. I KNOW how happy he isn’t. But, I’m done trying to help and I’m done waiting for him to get in the game. We’re moving on to bigger and better things, leaving these pathetic excuses for human beings in the dust, with pig pen kids. I perfected it the first time around with my son. There was no need for me to have any more kids. They can’t seem to get it right… Ah well. Karma… it’s a bitch sometimes. Because I’ve changed, and because I’m not the person they once knew, karma has been nothing but kind to me. We are reaping the rewards on a daily basis. Unfortunately for them, so are they. 😀


      • As I read that story, I feel pity for the kids. They should grow in a loving family, not a shouting family. Hmm. Hope they’ll find a way to work it out in the future. Well, just for the kids sake.


      • My heart breaks everyday for my son. He so badly for his dad to acknowledge him. One day his dad says that my son isn’t welcome at his house because my son isn’t comfortable talking to him (my son was upset at the time and wouldn’t tell his dad what was wrong for fear of getting yelled at) and the next day I get a text saying my son is welcome anytime. I get an email telling me to move out of state because my ex is “done with” my son. Then I get hate mail because I speak the truth on here. As far ass I’m concerned, he farther apart my son stays from his “donor” the better off he’ll be. Ya know what my 11 year old said to me today? Out of NO WHERE!! He said “I think dad just keeps having kids so he doesn’t have to pay you as much money for me.” How sad is that? THAT’S what my 11 year old thinks of his “father.” AWESOME. Well, my boyfriend has taken my son under his wing and the two of them have developed a great relationship. My son started crying a few weeks ago. When I asked him what was wrong, he said he wished my boyfriend was his real dad. These people have NO IDEA what all the yelling and screaming does to children! Especially my son who has been diagnosed as an introvert, and Highly Sensitive. So, we’re moving as far away as soon as the judge gives me the okay.


      • I believe moving away is the best thing to do. Since your bf established a great relationship with your son, it’s better to let him focus on that. He doesn’t have to worry about his dad anymore, right? Everything’s gonna be alright. 😀


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