B.A.D. A Thought for Tuesday



Even the nicest of people have enemies, simply because they are misunderstood.  People are so quick to judge, and hate.  Why?  We’ve all hated at some point in our lives.  Does it feel good?  Does it make YOU feel good to hate?  It’s such a negative emotion, and as you evolve, you come to learn that hatred is just a means to feed your ego.  So, as you’re sitting at your computer, fully prepared to send a letter full of hatred and venom to someone, stop and think about it.  How do you feel in this very moment?  Do you realize once you hit the send button, the ONLY thing that changes is the person receiving the letter now knows how weak, miserable and un-evolved you are.  You still feel like crap.  Why would you want to carry those feelings around with you? 



Take me for example.  You’re sending me an email to let me know how much you truly despise me.  Do you think your thoughts about me are going to change who I am?  Do you think your words are going to hurt me?  I was not put on this earth to please others.  I was put here to do good things.  Your venom doesn’t go from your brain to the email.  It stays in your head.  Sure you may feel good for attempting to put someone down, and you may feel a few moments of peace.  But by the end of the day, since I haven’t absorbed such venom, it’s still in you. 

I’ll never understand why some people feel the need to hate.  If you don’t like someone, or you don’t care to be in their presence, move along.  Maybe you don’t agree with me?  We don’t have to think alike.  We’re separate entities, made to think differently.  So, you go your way and I’ll go mine, end of story.  But to hold on to so much hatred and be miserable ALL the time makes me feel sorry for you.  You and anyone else doing and feeling the same.  Life is so much sweeter when you can stop to smell the roses.  When you can laugh with a light heart.  When you can go a day without insulting someone in an attempt to make yourself feel better. 

It is our job to teach by example.  If we are in a constant state of hate, what are we teaching our future generation?  I’d much rather love thy neighbor, do good things and be grateful for all that I have rather than teach hate and violence.  I’m not saying I’m a Saint, but I can say I don’t have an ounce of animosity in my veins.  I’m not harboring any hate towards anyone, and it feels good this way.  If something feels good, why in the world would you want to change it so that you feel bad?  No thanks.  I’m quite content being me, doing good deeds when I can, showing my son the difference.  It’s so easy to hate someone, but everyone is fighting a battle in their heads that we know nothing about.  So instead of using harsh words, and striking out, try to understand that those who make you miserable are suffering themselves.  Take pity on them.  Don’t strike back to even the score.  Don’t add to the hate.  There are enough people who are filled with hate roaming around this planet.  Do you really want to be one of them? 

So, for today, I wish you all peace, and the ability to walk away from anyone or anything that causes you to feel anger.  It’s not worth it.  The people trying to get a rise out of you aren’t worth it.  Live your life for YOU and no one else.  Live your life in kindness and you’ll be rewarded.  I think anger stems from our own self-image.  If someone insults us, we feel this overwhelming desire to strike back, just  to prove them wrong.  Who cares what these little, un-evolved people think of you??  What do YOU think of you?  Are you a good person?  Do you go out of your way to do good?  Do you appreciate what you have or do you have to show off, which again, is a means to feed your ego.  It IS time to be happy again.  Let go of the past…you don’t live there any more.  Give up any anger you’re holding onto, and submit to pure happiness, gratefulness, and appreciation.  I promise you’ll feel so much better for it.



So, to ALL of my 108 followers, whether you’re friends or you’re the ones writing me hate mail, I hope you find happiness today.  I hope you can genuinely smile and feel that light heartedness I was talking about, and that you grab it with both hands.  Don’t let it go!!  Happiness is a choice; so is anger and hatred.

Until next time…

~Kate… a very happy Kate


13 thoughts on “B.A.D. A Thought for Tuesday

    • After looking at your page, your concept, and the work previously submitted, I would love to join! THIS is exactly why I sign on to WP every morning. Because I’ve come across so many kind people; people who don’t necessarily know me, but inspire me by their motivational input. Thank you so much for considering me!!


      Liked by 1 person

      • Wonderful! Just email links to any posts you want to be considered to artists4peaceproject@gmail.com .
        Glad to have you on board 🙂

        You will find info on submission guidelines, montly topics and how to display the A4P logo…all on the website. Email me if you have any questions 🙂

        Thank you,

        ☮ ❤ 🙂


    • Yes, it was triggered by hate mail. I don’t know who wrote it because they signed it “Sally Truth” and then called me a coward for not posting it on my blog. (Not revealing your own identity isn’t a cowardly move?)So, it could be anyone. Who ever it was, is full of hatred, and that makes me sad. No one should be so filled with hate. It’s so negative. And in case you haven’t noticed, I try to be positive EVERYDAY. Even if there was any truth to what they wrote (which there wasn’t, except that I’m a horrible writer in comparison to Steven King. I’ll give him or her that.) I wouldn’t post it. Not because I’m afraid to admit to things I may be guilty of in my past, but simply because I don’t live there any more. I’m not a bad, negative person, and therefore will not use my blog to display such negativity. I strongly believe it’s my jaded ex who I just paid $400 to have removed from my computer (he’s an admitted computer hacker) or my ex husbands new girlfriend as the grammatical errors tell me quite a bit. Regardless of who it was, it was nasty and negative and sent right to the trash. I don’t want any negativity on my blog. 😀


      • I think you made the right call by not publishing it. It would have made them happy to see they have affected you. Well it has but not in the way they would like it.
        Who has time to give hate mails anyway? Gotta be some real loser!


      • Possibly. Or perhaps it’s just someone who’s not quite as evolved as myself and fellow bloggers. It’s funny… they (my ex husband, his girlfriend and my ex boyfriend are all friends) sit around talking nothing but negativity about me. Yet here I am, making an effort at life, and following a passion (writing) that I hope will someday soon take off. I sincerely pray for their happiness. They’re a miserable bunch wishing bad things on good people. I wish they’d just move on with their lives and leave me alone. I’m so tired of changing passwords, and deleting my blogs only to start fresh again, so I get a few days reprieve (until they find me again). I don’t know what their obsession is with me, but hey… it adds to the number of followers witch makes my following BIGGER, so I guess I should be thankful… Thanks for the kind words and for stopping by! Hope you, and everyone else has a great day!!


      • I sincerely hope they get a life.
        I’m glad you’re not dwelling on it. Looking forward to more optimistic posts from you! xoxo


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