A special…

I would just like to take a moment and give a sincere thank you to the man I hope to spend the rest of my life with.  One year ago today, I had butterflies in my stomach, I was changing outfits every 5 minutes, my mother helping me to prepare for a first date, that has literally not since ended.  We have only spent a handful of days apart throughout this past year, and I missed him terribly on those days.  We laugh more than I’ve ever laughed with anyone.  We have been through some rough patches, but most of them brought on by outsiders (ex’s, trying to break us apart) but we hung on strong to this love that we now know is unbreakable.

I love you.  But it’s so much deeper than that.  You make my heart happy, and my soul come to life.  You inspire me, you help me!  You accept me.  You love me.  You have become such an important part of my life; such an important part that words cannot justify.  I hope you know that I look forward to every good night kiss, and I cherish each morning kiss you leave on my forehead as I’m fast asleep.  I cherish our relationship like no other.  I value your wisdom, and I admire your strength.  I look up to you and I love listening to stories of your past, as they too, teach me lessons.

This has been, by far, without a doubt, the absolute BEST year of my life (and Ryan’s), and we’ve got only you to thank.  Thank you for being you.  So open minded and full of knowledge, eager to share it to help me in raising my son.  Thank you for working hard to set an example for a very impressionable young boy.  Thank you for coming home after a long, hot day of work to cook dinner because you know I’m afraid of the grill.  Thank you for making this the best year ever.  I look forward to every moment I spend with you.  I watch the clock, anxiously awaiting your arrival.  It’s only 11:00am and already I can’t wait to jump in your arms and give you a kiss, and thanking you in person for all of the above.  You are my world, my best friend, my partner in life and my partner in crime.  Forever.  That is how long I will love you.  I cannot wait to see Boston, but more importantly, I cannot wait for these few precious days of togetherness that seem to be taking forever to get here.

Here’s to one hell of a year!  Laughter on a daily basis, made up words, memories.  OUR memories that no one else could possibly have access to.  Here’s to #249 and the beginning of what I hope is a lifelong relationship.  I love you.  Happy Anniversary!!




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