(DP) Beachin’ by Jake Owen or…

Daily Prompt: Musical Marker

We all have songs that remind us of specific periods and events in our lives. Twenty years from now, which song will remind you of the summer of 2014?


This one is rather difficult.  My son and I play “Beachin'” as loud as we can as we drive down the road, singing at the tops of our lungs, but my boyfriend and I have grown to love the song “Your side of the bed” by Little Big Town.  There are so many songs that will remind me of this summer; not just one.  It’s almost as though I have a song for each memory, and I like it that way.  The song won’t take me back to the summer, it’ll take me back to the memory; the moment.  Barefoot Blue Jean Night?  Forget it!  I can’t name just one. My boyfriends song to me… “A woman like you” by Lee Brice.  There always seems to be background music.  Again, adjoining the song with the memory.  There are some funny memories, some serious memories, some romantic memories, some family memories… all attached to a song.  So, one song?  Can’t do it.  I can however, give you a playlist from the summer, and the memories that go along with it. Unfortunately, I can’t do it here and now, because…

1. They are our memories

2. I’ve got a king size bed on its way and really have to get going.

3. I have ANOTHER doctor’s appointment out in Cobleskill (an hour away). This one a bit more serious, that I have to get ready for.

4. My son has karate tonight, so I have to get out and back in time to take him.  His father’s girlfriend made it very clear that once their newest offspring was born, his father would no longer be attending karate.  AWESOME.  I’ll save this rant for another time.  But if you can’t stay at home with 2 babies and an 11-year-old for an hour, you’ve got serious issues.

5. I did a good deed and gave my old (but very good) mattress to my neighbors who are very much in need, and have to help them load it on their truck.

So, you all have a good day, and good luck getting all of these songs out off your head!  I think they’re playing an evil trick on us and PLANNED to have this happen.  Now the moderators are sitting back laughing at all of us with these songs running through our minds on repeat.  Ha ha… real funny.  (Kidding)

Have a great day everyone!!



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If you can't be kind, be quiet. : ) Have a good day!!

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