6 thoughts on “And… we made it!!

  1. Oh my goodness hope you have an amazing time :-)….i’m figuring out how the hell i can blog when its the summer holidays….i’m thinking i should have planned better!


    • Amazing doesn’t do it justice. I have NEVER had this much fun. We took 1 hour tour of Fenway Park (even though I’m not a baseball fan OR a Red Sox fan) and my phone died I took so many pictures. I can’t wait to get home and upload them all to share them. We are having a blast!! Thank you!!


    • So far, so good! Tomorrow is an entire day of walking. We’re going to start at Fenway Park and end at Paul Revere’s house, hitting up “Cheer’s” the Boston Tea Party and a few others along the way. I haven’t left the hotel yet and I’ve already snapped about 50 pics. AND there are restaurants here who actually deliver!! I freaking LOVE this place. Maybe I’ll be a world traveler after all. There’s hope for me yet!! AND, I HAVE to add, that in between snapping pics and enjoying the company (we seldom have alone time) I’m writing in my notebook that I never leave home without! So, panic disorder is taking a back seat on this vaca! I’m a writing machine! Wish you all could be here too. I think we should all plan an annual bloggers meet where we all actually meet up at a hotel and spend a week together!! What do ya think?


      • Well I don’t know if I could or not, but it should sounds like fun, so I would definitely think about it.
        Thanks for the update on your trip. You’re hitting a lot of great places. It sounds like tons of fun. Traveling is really fun.
        Yeah as I think I may have mentioned I have had anxiety issues before, but I have found I can sort of push them away and then I am fine. So yeah, sounds like you can do that too, which is good.


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