B.A.D. Forgetful Friday

First and foremost, I have to confess that this blog is being written on Thursday night.  I have a very busy day tomorrow, which includes an early start to hit the road for our Boston Vacation.  Very excited to see and learn new things!!  I hear Bostonians are quite friendly (until your boyfriend yells to anyone listening that you’re a Yankees fan… then the scowls begin.  SO let’s hope we don’t have a repeat of THAT ever again!!).  Bill knows exactly where we’re going, and exactly where we’re staying, so I’m just following his lead. I DO know that we will be visiting the area where the Boston Tea Party took place, the new Boston Garden AND quite possibly Paul Revere’s house!!  How freaking awesome is that?!  And yes father, we’ll watch our heads. 😉So… something I wish I could forget, but retain the lesson?  Well, in more recent times, I omitted important information from my boyfriend, just because it wasn’t necessarily important to me.  Lying by omission is still lying.  Paint it any color you want to.  If it looks like a duck, and waddles like a duck, it’s a duck.  I didn’t see it at the time (again, because I didn’t see it as being relevant) but this caused a momentary rift in our relationship.  He, just like any human being, prefers truth over honesty and omission.  So… lesson learned.  He knows I’m not a liar.  He knows I’m not a cheater.  He knows I’m not a thief.  What everyone else thinks?  Well, that’s none of my business.  Personally, I think they’re jealous of the happiness I’ve found and spend hours contemplating on how they’re going to hurt us next.  Not gonna happen.  I will spend the rest of my days here on earth with this man.  There isn’t a soul alive that could break our connection. So, if you happen to be the jaded ex or the ex husband, or the ex husbands new girlfriend, please know that your attempts to sabotage something so beautiful are nothing more than a waste of your time.  Oh man… I wish I had the ability to forget the ALL.  Unfortunately, because one of them is my sons “father” I have no choice.  I don’t have the option to forget them, as they are all BFF’s which is a bit weird if you ask me.  Comparing notes?  How many minutes or hours a day do all of you spend hating me, talking and thinking badly of me?  Don’t you have anything more productive to do?

Anyway, that’s my post and I’m sticking to it.  Boston is only a few short hours away and I’m too excited to think of anything else to write.  So, if you could erase a person or event from your life, BUT retain the lesson that was taught, who or what would it be?  An ex?  An ex best friend who stabbed you in the back with a very sharp, serrated knife?  A group of ex’s?  A co-worker?  A nasty boss?  And how can you turn a negative experience into a positive one? Tell me about it.  I want to know more about each and every one of you!  I felt this was the best way to do it.

Happy blogging everyone.  Hope you all have a great day, as I know I’m going to!!

☮ – ❤ – and :D…ALWAYS!!!

Until next time…

~Kate… a hopelessly forgetful Kate.

P.S.  I’m bringing my laptop so I can blog while on the road, AND so I can share pictures of all that I see.  More to come.  I promise!!


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