B.A.D. Sinful Saturday


And like I said in a previous post, I’m going to keep it recent, as I don’t live in my past any more.

So…today, we spent all day walking through Boston.  It was HOT.  I was hurting… I rolled my ankle and could feel it swelling inside my boot, my hip that has given a problem since birth was acting up, my shoulders were on fire from carting around all the goodies we bought and my recent leg “injury” had me on the verge of tears.  I was determined to get from Quincy’s Market to Fenway Park where Bills car was parked.  Well, as we were making the trek, there was a boy of about 6 years old zipping around on one of those motorized Razor scooters.  I told him I’d give him $50.00 for the scooter right then and there.  Well, he kind of just laughed in my face and zipped away.  Oh… but he didn’t stay away.  I swear this kid was taunting me!  Doing circles around us, zipping by at full speed, turning around and zipping by again, and again and again.  So, when we reached the corner and Bill hailed a Taxi, my thoughts towards this little brat (see?  I’m STILL bitter about it) weren’t very nice.  It was something along the lines of “Ha ha… I now have a ride… in a car… with AC!!  You just have a stupid scooter!”  I so badly wanted to stick out my tongue as we pulled away from the curb.  However, now that my ego has had a chance to calm down, we’re back at our hotel and I’m resting comfortably in bed, I can see that he was probably playing.  He wasn’t being malicious like I originally thought.  So, where ever you are little boy, I hope you have fun zipping around the Boston Commons park, laughing at all of us old foolish people who think we’re still built like we’re 18 and suddenly faced with the harsh reality that we’re not.  Have FUN!!  Zip away, and be careful!  I’m sorry I didn’t play along.  Here are just a few of the 100+ pics I took today.  My phone is dead and charging so I’ll download the rest later.



This would be me and my love in Fenway Park.  The oldest baseball stadium in the us (built in 1912).


Fenway Dirt

Yup… Fenway Dirt!!  Do you know how many famous baseball players have run through this dirt?!  I’m honored to have it cover my Harley boots!!



I’m not very “girly” and I’m NOT a Red Sox fan, but I got these because the “B” stands for Bill.  Yup… they’re already in my ears.

Now, anyone who knows me, knows I go crazy for pens.  So, check these suckers out!!  And I HAD to get 2 just in case.  I have a feeling my pen obsession has rubbed off on Bill, and he happens to be a die hard Red Sox fan, so I can see one of them disappearing real soon…


The pen in the middle is just to give you an idea of how BIG the new Red Sox pens are.  LOVE THEM.  I have about 150 more pics to upload, but for now, I’m going to grab a bite to eat and stroll through Boston hand in hand with the love of my life as the sun sets.  Good night all, and happy blogging!

Peace, Love and Happiness Always…


PS Huntress, I don’t like “Sinful” Saturday either… I’m going to have to change this one too.  Any suggestions??  😀


If you can't be kind, be quiet. : ) Have a good day!!

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