(DP) Florida Georgia Line Baby!!!

Daily Prompt: Road Tripping!!

‘Tis the season for road trips — if time and money were out of the equation, what car-based adventure would you go on? (If you don’t or can’t drive, any land-based journey counts.)

Bonus (optional): show us your itinerary by embedding a Google Map into your post!


As you all know (those who are following me anyway) my boyfriend and I took a road trip this weekend, to Boston, in celebration of our 1 year anniversary.  He’s driving me a little crazy right now, because as I try to type he keeps asking me questions and I can’t concentrate, but all in all it’s been a GREAT trip thus far.  However…  if money and time were eliminated from the equation, I would without hesitation, drive right to Georgia!!  I haven’t been to many places within the US, but this is one state I hope to one day reside, even if it’s only temporary.  Southern hospitality?  By the bucketful!  The atmosphere covering the entire state is nothing but positive.  Even driving in bumper to bumper traffic on the major highways, everyone there is friendly!!  It’s like they all wear a permanent smile!  I LOVE it there!!  I’m currently trying to find a state more positive than the one I live in (NY), and this would be my first pick. 

Ahhh to just get in a car and go.  To drive to a place where your greeted by strangers instead of getting a stare down, your neighbors look out for you but at the same time, mind their own business, where neighborhoods are well maintained simply to coincide with the positive energy the home owner emits.  This would be the place I’d like to “land.”  This is where I’d like to plant my roots.  This will be a place I one day live.  And after my stay in Georgia, which has SO MUCH to see, then I’d be getting on a plane to arrive at my final destination…Australia.  But I’ll save Australia for another prompt because planes weren’t included in this one.  Needless to say, If I could drive to Australia, I’d be there already.

Epic failure on the “bonus” as I have no clue how to embed ANYTHING.  I clicked on the link giving instructions and it was words on top of words so I couldn’t make out how to do it.  So, for partial credit, here is my attempt to get half credit for the bonus… 🙂



And as busy and populated as it currently is, Atlanta is where I’d go.  Have you ever been to the airport?  The Atlanta airport alone is like a huge shopping center!  One could very easily get lost in there.  Ah well… wishful thinking.  I’ll just continue to do good and maybe one day this will be my reward.  Now THERE’S motivation for ya!!

Happy Blogging everyone!!

Peace, Love and Happiness Always!

~Kate…planning an imaginary vacation while currently on vacation, Kate.




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