B.A.D. Motivational Monday


How many times have you writers written a page and a half of material, just to throw it away and start over because your brain started down a different track?  I know I’m guilty of this, repeatedly.  So, my solution has now become to save those pages.  Perhaps they’ll come in useful later in my story; perhaps my brain took me down this path because this is where I’m ultimately supposed to be.  We need to stop looking at it as defeat, and instead see it as an additional piece.  Stop throwing them out!  Save them for a rainy day when you can put a spin on it and maybe start a whole new book based on this one idea that ruined your current piece.  When we see times like this as defeat, we’re sending the WRONG messages to our brain, causing us to quit, when really we’ve just hopped a few tracks, and are on a different wave length.  There’s no such thing as defeat; only giving up.  Do you want to spend the rest of your life giving up?  I know I sure don’t.  Which is why, despite the fact that I  have a laptop and a printer (that I got working all by myself!) I write everything in a notebook or binder.  That way, when I reach the point where I want to throw away the work I just wrote, I can simply turn the page and start fresh, keeping my “mess ups” for a later date.  I travel with a small notebook, as I find inspiration EVERYWHERE I go.  And I just keep turning the page.  I would highly recommend you all do the same.  It is NOT defeat!!  Change the way you’re thinking!!  It’s additional material you can use later.  Keep writing!  There are many people out in the world (myself included) waiting patiently for our own copies of your work!!


Peace, Love and Happiness, Always,



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