4 thoughts on “I refuse to give up…

  1. I think we all have things we’ve done that we wish we could take back. i know I have my share of things.
    I don’t know who would say mean things about you. Everything I have seen about you and you are always positive and uplifting. But I guess some people are just mean and rude no matter what you do and the best thing to do in that case is just realize that they are probably not going to change.
    I have found that my being around positive nice people makes a big difference in my overall happiness so I try to as much as possible avoid people who are set on putting me down.
    I hope things go better for you. I am glad also that you have found someone special that loves you and makes you feel happy.


    • But that’s just it. This is me moving on with my life. Yes, I’ve made poor decisions, call the firing squad, but you better make damn sure your fingers are clean (insurance fraud, they aren’t). I am trying to move on with my life. I’ve deleted all the negative from my life, I’m now surrounded by positive people, and my 11 year old and I practice Buddhism, for the sake of doing kind things for others. Yet here these people are, like pesky mosquitoes buzzing in my ear, sending me totally false emails about supposed things I’ve done. Well, as I’ve said to them in the past, if you feel I’ve done you wrong, lay it all out there. If I can fix it, I will, if I can’t I’ll sincerely apologize and promise that it’ll never happen again. My life is awesome. Better than it’s ever been. They’re attempting to ruin it by sending these emails (which I have marked as spam so they now go right to the trash) but their attempts are feeble. I am in no way saying I’m better than them, but it’s obvious that I’m happier. I would never sit down and write letters like I’ve received. Only angry bitter people do that stuff. And the funny part? Not one accusation was of anything I’d done to them. Where is the sense of it all? Where is the logic? Is it just to say at one point (11 years ago) I made some poor choices? I’m well aware of that. And as this blog states, I’m ashamed of my actions. But what other choice did I have? I was devoted to my husband and took my vows very seriously. He cheated on me twice. I was a new mom with NO help from him (he changed MAYBE 5 diapers and while we thought our newborn was bleeding internally, I rushed him to the hospital, only to come home and find him passed out drunk and stoned watching porn on our big screen tv.) Again, I’m ashamed to say that I stayed with him for as long as I did. Now we can sit here and point fingers all we want, but what’s it going to accomplish? I’m happy, they’re miserable, and they’re going to keep this crap up until they feel satisfied. I’m just sick of it. I wish they’d grow up already and just leave me alone. I have done nothing to them. We’ve been separated for about 3 years. GET OVER IT!!! Maybe they don’t think I deserve happiness? Whoops… I’ve never been so happy. Maybe they don’t think I deserve peace? Whoops, their letters go right in the trash and I’m not reading them. I’m just going back to the first one I read, referring to me as a coward because I wouldn’t post the letter, yet signing off as “Annie Truth” And I’m the coward. All I want is to be left alone. Is that too much to ask for? My book is near completion, we’re looking to move out of state, I’m going to have to create completely new accounts so they don’t find me…AGAIN. It’s so childish. I have an idea!! GET A JOB!! Instead of staying home, popping out kids like a Pez dispenser so you can live off the system, get a freaking job!! Maybe then you won’t have time for such venomous letter writing and I won’t have to be reminded of what a POS my sons donor is.

      But yes, I made some crappy decisions, and I’ve confessed to all of them, fixing what I could, and apologizing for what I couldn’t. I’m not ashamed to admit my mistakes. It’s a sign that I’m living life, and by acknowledging them, and being apologetic, I do believe I’ve climbed a rung or two on the evolutionary ladder. I like who I am. I try to stay positive all the time, and it pisses me off when I have to deal with such nonsense!! So, I’m going to write my actual book, in an attempt to get it published sooner rather than later, and simply ignore the haters. They were, are and always will be nothing to me. Hey… they add to my following making me look better. So, thanks haters!! Have a great night!


      • Yes rightly so. I’m sorry to hear you have been given such a hard time, and the part about them continuing to find you so that you have to change everything again, ridiculous. Also I can’t imagine how difficult that would be to be worried that your son is okay, maybe having some serious issue and the father is not even concerned in the least and passed out on the couch with vices.
        It sounds like you know what you are doing and congratulations on getting close to finishing your book! That sounds really cool.
        I have found personally the happier I am and can make my life, the less people from the past can have an affect on me like they used to or tear me down, but for my own protection against someone who only wishes me harm I just stay away from people like that as much as I can. I know I already mentioned it, but it does make such a huge difference who a person spends time with. We’re living this life mainly now, and so it might as well not be around people who just want to make you unhappy.
        I hope for everything to turn out for the best for you and that you can get these people out of your hair!


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