I am on a mission!!!!

Everyone, meet Ben.  He is very bitter.  I have chosen to make it my personal mission to make this man smile.  So, help me out here.  This is NOT going to be an easy task.  He vomits at the sounds of positivity and is bedridden if he hears belly laughter.  I want him to feel Peace and Happiness.  I want him to wake up in the morning and smile, knowing there’s a large number of people rooting for him to be positive.  He’d rather duel.  So, I’ll pass on the duel, and spread the love and happiness here, in an attempt to find someone…ANYONE…to get this man to smile and be happy.

This is round 1 Ben. ♥  I’m extending my mission to my followers.  We will now come at you as an ARMY of sunshine and rainbows!!!!  And unless or until you can beat that, round 1 goes to me.  😀  And should it turn around and go to you, I congratulate you on your success and only hope for you to  be more victorious.  Winning isn’t everything, but it sure feels good, doesn’t it…? 

So, accept defeat and forfeit the round, or take the challenge.  It’s your call.  And it’s entirely up to you whether you respond now or after “lunch” when you’ll perhaps be a bit more grumpy. 😀

Hope you have a fabulous day!!


~Kate…the forever optimist.

For you Ben…

For Ben


5 thoughts on “I am on a mission!!!!

If you can't be kind, be quiet. : ) Have a good day!!

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