(Updated) I FREAKING DID IT!!!

(Update) Piece of cake!  The worst part was removing the bandage.  I washed it, I dried it, and Bill bandaged me back up.  I’m good to go!!  Now, on to hematology…  Ugh… Tuesday’s going to take FOR-E.V.E.R.

I took the bandage off!  I’m all bruised.  It looks like I got kicked by a horse!  The stitches were done very neatly, and look quite nice.  No blood (other than the bandage I quickly disposed of), no signs of infection, AND I didn’t pass out!!  Psshhh  fear.  What EVER!  I’d post a pic, but it does look a bit too gross, and the last thing I want to do is gross out my followers.  I was just afraid to see it.  But now I actually have to touch it to wash it.  That’s a different story.  So, if there are no further posts from me this evening, just know that I’m passed out cold, but I’ll be back tomorrow.

Here goes nothin’…

~Kate…a very unsure of her stomach, Kate.


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