LOVE when I can’t stop laughing!!!

Ok… what a “Silly Saturday” it turned out to be.  Now, being that I just had minor surgery (but surgery nonetheless) I probably shouldn’t have done all that I did today.  I had to replace my bandage a few times, as it bled quite a bit today.  So, once Bill came home from work, he told me to get into comfy clothes and park my butt on the couch, not to get up for anything, or else…  So, here’s how it started.  Ryan had karate today.  The only comfy pants I had to wear (I can’t wear jeans because of the incision) are grey jogging pants with a blue stripe down the side.  I had to get ready rather quickly as we were running behind and wore the Boston shirt to match.  Now, when I bought the Boston shirt, I honestly thought it was a plain Boston shirt, and got 2; one for me and one for Ryan.  It wasn’t until later that I realized the Boston Red Sox logo on the sleeve, so needless to say, the shirt is Bill’s.  Anyway…I get into my comfy clothes (same shirt but NY Yankees shorts as I am a NY fan) TOTALLY not realizing that I’m now wearing a Red Sox shirt and NY shorts.


Bill came home from a shopping trip, took one look at me and just shook his head.  He HAD to get a picture of how confused his girlfriend really is.  Now, keep in mind that I really know nothing about baseball.  It just so happens that I like the teams with that color blue (Dallas Cowboys).  So, we started the day out laughing our way to karate, and ended it with me being a total SPAZZZZ.  I LOVE days like these… 

Ahhhhhhh  Life is good.  I hate Bipolar Disorder…it’s freaking awesome!!


~Kate… a very confused Kate. 😀


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