Week 1: 5 Word Challenge

Week 1: 5 Word Challenge

The 5 words of this challenge are: Phone, Horror, Travel, Ship and Office

Sitting in an office

Is something I cannot do

My anxiety sky rockets

Leaving me quite blue

So  here I sit upon the couch

Laptop up and running

Wishing I could sail  upon a ship

And lay on the bow,  just sunning

But to leave the house

Even just for a bit

Has me in distress

And my heartbeat hits

A rate much higher

Than it would normally be

So I stay right here

Comfortable being me.

Shock and horror

I’m paralyzed

When the phone rings

And I’m met with surprise

Another doctor’s visit

Another test and exam

Another day off the couch

Another day I’ll be damned

I just want to be

Left alone at all costs

Don’t call me or phone

I’m most likely lost

Lost in my writing

Lost in all thought

I don’t want to travel,

I want to be lost.

© Kathleen McKie – 2014

Perhaps next week will be a story, but this week I felt like doing poetry.  Hope you like it!!  It’s 100% true.


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