What Gratitude looks like

A simple thanks?  Not in my book.  Sure it’s nice to hear, but I think the term “thank you” has become so over-used that it doesn’t hold much value any more.  Do I say thank you?  Everyday!  However, I know the sincerity behind each every one.  I give thinks for my blessings, and give thanks for kind gestures.  I also give thanks for all the material possessions taking up all the space in my apartment.  So, gratitude is far deeper in my opinion, than a simple thanks.  If someone holds a door for me, yes, I say thank you.  At the end of the night, as I lie awake counting my blessings, I’m more than likely going to include that persons efforts in my blessings. Gratitude is being thankful; truly thankful.  And in many cases, we have to change our perceptions.  Instead of seeing things as a curse, and being miserable for a day, look at it as a chance to start over, to start fresh.  Maybe you were on the wrong path, and this “mess” has lead you to where you are supposed to be. Today I can’t tell you how much I have to be grateful for, as I would be here all  night.  But I met a new blogger whom happens to be very inspiring, my boyfriend made it home safely from work, my son was outside just being a kid having fun, I got to spend the day doing what I LOVE to do.  I also reconnected with a girlfriend and am going to do my best to get her out of a miserable situation and onto a much better, happier path.  A family member of mine happens to be in a pickle.  I cannot “fix” the situation, but I can offer support, and suggestions, but ultimately, the test is for them to pass, not me.  I guess the whole point of this blog is to raise awareness to gratitude.  We take so much in life for granted.  Take a look around you.  Could things be far worse than they are in this moment?  Odds are, the answer is yes.  So, be thankful that they aren’t.  Could things be better?  Well, do something about it to make things better.  Even if doing so simply requires a change in your perception.  Look at all of your material possessions.  Now imagine them all gone.  We have a tendency to appreciate the newness of material things, but after the newness wears off, we barely notice their existence.  So, if you have a roof over your head, be grateful.  If you have a bed to sleep in, be grateful.  If you have food to eat, be grateful.  There are so may people who have far less than we do, and yet they manage to be grateful.  I just wanted to let you all know how very grateful I am for you all.  All of your kind comments, and your sincere advice, your friendships and your  constant encouragement… it means more to me than you’ll ever know.  Tonight, I am grateful for YOU.  If you are reading this, I am grateful that I have met you.  If I’m following you on here, it’s because you’ve somehow managed to inspire me in some way.  Instead of spending this time complaining about all that’s not right with my life, I want to give thanks to all that IS right, and odds are, YOU play an important role.  So, a sincere thanks to all of you.

I hope something in this post resonates with you and are able to be grateful for all that you have.  Have a good night fellow bloggers.


~Kate…an extremely blessed, and grateful Kate.


5 thoughts on “What Gratitude looks like

  1. G’day Kate,
    I understand what you are saying, albeit your sentiment that shines through is admirable, I personally feel that as … thank you … is after all a verbal acknowledgement to others of a kindness rendered, there never can be too many said, whereas gratitude is a feeling within ourselves that as you say should also be acknowledged but as a separate entity.


  2. Reading your post, I remember this lovely quote from Meister Eckhart: ” If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.”


If you can't be kind, be quiet. : ) Have a good day!!

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