Awards… Much deserved!!

I’m am fairly new to WordPress, and therefore know little about Awards.  What I do know is that you normally have to follow a list of instructions to accept an award someone has nominated you for.  As much as I appreciate the awards, I cannot follow all of the instructions, as one of them usually involves social media such as Facebook.  I don’t have a Facebook account, and have had to turn away awards.

So, because of a very inspiring conversation I had yesterday with a fellow blogger (whom I will name in a moment) I have taken the time to create a new award, with no strings attached.  Display it on your page, nominate someone else, do what ever you’d like.  However, I feel that if someone is inspiring enough for me to sit with great patience and create such a thing, they deserve it.

I am nominating these people for the award, as they have inspired me daily and continue to do so.  Their attempts should not go unrecognized.  So, here is the award, followed by the nominees.  Please remember… no strings attached.  No rules to follow, no need to thank me with a ping back.  Just know that I am grateful for you, and this my way of expressing such gratitude.


angel award

1. Jennifer – Your conversation with me yesterday prompted me to do this.  Thank you.

2. HuntressDespite your own troubles, you are ALWAYS right here!!  Thank you!!

3. Blossom666Your constant support means more than you know.  Thank you!!

4. Fiya You inspire me to be a better person. It doesn’t get much better than that.  Thanks!!

5. Ben –  Your constant complaining causes me to work extra hard at being optimistic!  Thanks!!


There are certainly plenty of others I’d like to thank, but I’ve got a ton to do in a short amount of time.  Just know that even if your name isn’t on this list, it will be.  YOU help make me a better person, and THAT feels awesome.  So a special thanks to you all.  I hope you feel a sense of pride when I hit the publish button, as you have made a significant impact on my life, and for now, this is the only way I can show my appreciation.  Much love to you all…


~Kate… one extremely grateful Kate.



4 thoughts on “Awards… Much deserved!!

  1. […]…..I’m not technoligically minded enough to be certain that this ping back malarky is actually gonna work! I have absolutely Jack shit to do in response to this amazing award, except to say thank you, it is much appreciated, I can choose, if I like to reblog it on, and that is actually my choice. I choose to send this award out to every single blog that I follow here on wordpress. I follow you because in some way you inspire, enlighten or entertain me, you all deserve the award. […]


  2. I love this, i love that you created a simple award, i love your blog. I feel like i’ve been absent…it’s the school holidays, i’m run off my feet, trying to tread water in an ocean deep pool!!! Thank you, this may be the kick of motivation i needed to keep on moving :-).
    Blossom.(Karen) 🙂


    • I just call ’em like I see ’em. You are forever right there, whether liking a post I put up or commenting… I can ALWAYS count on you. Thank you for your continuous support!! It is very much appreciated. Hope you enjoy the remainder of your holiday!!!


  3. Me again? Haha! Thanks Kate!

    Yes, I do have my own troubles, but you’re helping me sort them out too.

    It’s my pleasure to help you and inspire you in pretty, little ways.

    Thanks again, my dear! ^_^



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