I need some inspiration people!!!

As motivated and inspiring as I often appear to be, even I have bad days.  I wouldn’t call today a “bad” day.  Just a lot of wasted time, no answers, a new round of doctors and little to write about, as my mind is filled with “life” outside of my computer and writing.  I wouldn’t go as far as to say I’m in a bad mood… Blah mood is more like it.  We just got a massive downpour.  Normally I’d be in some sort of euphoric state, writing until my fingers bled, as I love the rain.  However, whatever this “mood” is, it’s interfering with my writing.  I need someone to give me a writing prompt.  I need an idea.  I need several ideas.  I feel the best when I’m writing, and after todays wasted time, money and test results I wasn’t even seeking, I need a little “pick me up.”  So, if you understand what I’m saying, and you’ve been in this very same spot, please tell me what you did to overcome it.  If your writing’s on fire and you can’t seem to stop posting, please throw a few ideas at me.  I need something to lift my spirits I guess.  Now, I’m posting this at 8:20pm EST.  I probably won’t check it again until after 10:00pm EST, as that’s when my mind seems to come to life.  So, for now, I’m going to go read a book I just started and can’t seem to put down.  To anyone who decides to help me out, a huge thanks in advance.  It feels as though I’m a walking sparkler on the 4th of July, and someone stomped out my flame.  I just need a lighter to reignite the endless thoughts I display on here and in my notebooks.


Happy blogging everyone!  Hope you all have a great night!!


~Kate…a fizzled out, but determined to get back on the optimistic track, Kate.


4 thoughts on “I need some inspiration people!!!

  1. I do in fact have this problem sometimes. Write Kate, and accept that not everyrhing you write wikk be worthy, that day of going on the blog. I ofren find a week later i re read what i wrote, tweak it and bullseye, i’m onto a winner.I sometimes find at these times that what i write is too raw, i have friends ans.family follow my blog, and i dont always want them reading my thought, which causes me to crreate a writing block, so ive set up a separate blog (its called love, but its about all aspects if love the good and bad) thats helped me to open up again, it feels like im hidden, and i can write again :-).
    So basically my advise is write dowbwhat is in your head, no one needs to see it, but it wilk clear you space for fresh inspiration


      • Rar that’s not good, it could be why your struggling to find inspiration, if at the back of your mind you’re having to watch what you write….kinda feels like we’re cheating on ourselves when our writing is blocked in that way. Try writing it all down in a note book, you might find some snippets that you can edit onto your blog.


      • My son is my heartbeat. I LOVE him, and I LOVE to write about him. Not any more… I will not reveal any more personal info or pictures of him on here. My son made me promise not to use his father’s name at all, ever again. I’m not going to spoon feed him info on my son. If he wants it, he can call the doctor or the school. He didn’t just piss me off this time, he pissed my son off. I’ll still be writing, just not about anything personal or related to my son. According to my ex, it’s one of his family members. Well, if you never once reached out while there was an order of protection (which they’re ALL using as an excuse) why now? The OP was against my ex for ME, not my son. But you keep making excuses, do what ever it takes to help you sleep at night. Just know that this 11 year old has YOUR DNA in his system. He’s one of YOU, yet doesn’t know any of you. You ALL make me sick. Yes, I’m sure your grandparents would be REALLY proud.


If you can't be kind, be quiet. : ) Have a good day!!

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