Our First Date (DP)

Daily Prompt: Think Again

Tell us about a time you made a false assumption about a person or a place — how did they prove you wrong?

If someone were to tell me that you are about to go out on a date with a man you will soon fall in love with, I’d have laughed in their face.  You see, before I met Bill, I was venting to all my girlfriends.  I just waned to meet new people, expand my circle.  I had no intentions of actually falling for him.  And if you ask him, he’ll tell you the same.  We both had so much going on in our lives at the time.  But meeting someone new to go see a movie with, or go get a cup of coffee with, who’s older and more mature than the boys I’d previously been hanging around?  Sign me up.

I assumed this was a dinner (I brought money to pay for my half) and since the restaurant was so noisy, we went for a drive afterwards, just to talk.  Completely harmless, and a better way to get to know each other.  We talked.  We spent hours, driving and talking.  I’m tired of people calling me crazy, so came right out with my anxiety disorders.  Never has he called me crazy.  You see, this is the difference between a man and a boy.  This man educated himself on my anxiety and phobias.  We have been together over a year now, and not once has he resorted to name calling.

So, what I assumed was nothing more than me expanding my circle turned out to be me meeting the man I intend to spend the rest of my life with.  Isn’t it funny how the Universe works?  I don’t want to get religious here, so as not to offend anyone, but someone sent this man to me.  Someone looking down on me knew it was the right time, and sent him in my direction.  You don’t just casually bump into your soul mate; your twin flame.

This just goes to show that when you assume, you really do make an ass of yourself.  We’ve been together everyday since.  If not physically, then via phone conversations.  We used to purposely call when it was bedtime, so we could fall asleep together.  Now we don’t have to.  We used to laugh until our stomachs hurt… we still do.  Our relationship just keeps getting better and better.  Yes, I assumed he was a new friend, but I also admit that I was wrong.  He is so much more than that.



3 thoughts on “Our First Date (DP)

    • Yes it was. I had absolutely NO DESIRE to date a man. I had just ended a relationship because my son didn’t like the “man”. Because I ended things, he chose to beat me when I turned my back. I really was in no mood to date, but wanted to meet someone normal who I call a friend. And it seems as though I struck gold. I am a very lucky woman.


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